Club Rules

Please Read The Club Rules

  • The Party Venue does NOT have an Open Door Policy.
  • New members must bring Photo ID and Address evidence with them on their first visit to the Party Venue


  • Each Applicant must show on their first visit ID that shows a clear face picture (accepted items are a Drivers licence, Passport, Citizens or Security Card)
  • Separate ID that shows your address (eg.Utility bill or Bank letter), we only admit persons who trust us with that very personal information to join our club,
  • Bona Fide Tourists / visitors to the UK a passport will suffice
  • The Owners/Operators and Management or Event Operator on the night reserve the right to refuse entrance to the Party Venue without explanation.
  • No Persons Under Age are allowed in to the Venue under any circumstances.


  • We do not sell Alcohol, If you wish To consume it then please bring your own
  • NOTE: Only Alcohol may be brought into the club, you are not permitted to bring any NON ALCOHOLIC Drinks Our, Super Friendly Bar Team will , Store your Drinks and Chill for you (no corkage) We supply Glasses, Ice, and Security for your Drinks @ our Dedicated Soft Drink Bar
  • We Strictly Only allow you to Bring -: Beers, Ciders, Wines (still or sparkling_, or Pure Spirits. We have a low priced Discount Liquor Store right outside the club open 7 days until approx 12.00 am
  • STRICTLY- No -Pre Mixed Spirit/Alcohol Drinks Permitted even if Store Purchased.Whilst we allow the consumption of your own Alcohol, we will not tolerate obnoxious or inconsiderate behavior, by intoxicated persons We REFUSE Entry to Persons we deem or assume to be Intoxicated PLEASE do NOT Dispute or ATTEMPT to Argue with our Decisions

    Persons seen on our CCTV drinking outside the venue or possibly smoking illegal substances will be refused admission.

    We do not need to prove you were seen or prove the substance, it is ultimately our choice.

    If our team members feel you have had enough to drink you will be refused further alcohol, solely at our discretion, which is final.

    If you disagree with our actions you will be given back your remaining alcohol and asked to leave.


  • Our Place 4 Fun enforces a strictly drug free environment.
  • Please do NOT bring / or use drugs of ANY kind on the premises.
  • You WILL be immediately evicted if you are found in possession of drugs .


  • The Owners and Management or Event Operator on the night reserve the right to request that your bags may be searched on entry to and exit from the Party Venue.


  • All persons attending Our Place 4 Fun do so freely by choice and are therefore free to express themselves without inhibitions.
  • There are no paid persons or entertainers at Our Place 4 Fun.
  • Paying an entrance fee or for Membership, simply implies that you wish to be in the company of like minded adults.


  • Any persons found offering sexual services for reward will be immediately removed
  • Please report any propositions to one of our Team Members

Dress Code

  • Everyone take note that Dress Code is Extra Smart Casual, Clean Attire.
  • However Ladies please do not wear Jeans or Leggings inside the Club Bar, Lounge or Play Areas
  • No baseball caps, hats or hoods - you may also be asked to leave your jacket in the cloakroom if it is not suitable club wear
  • No scruffy or ripped clothing including jeans
  • No tracksuits, sports wear or dirty clothes
  • No shorts, trainers, sandals or flip flops to be worn
  • T Shirts are not to be worn - unless they are smart and a designer brand
  • Men we expect you to wear collared shirts and trousers or smart stylish jeans
  • Chewing gum is banned in the club.

We do have lockers and areas to change on arrival at the club - we do have the right to refuse entry to anyone inappropriately dressed

Sexy people in Sexy Attire = Sexy Environment

Dress Code - dress to impress
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