Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect to see or happen when I visit?
One of the biggest misconceptions people may have about a swingers club is that there will be a mass orgy going on; or that by entering the club you are going to be pounced on and expected to have sex with anyone and everyone! This couldn't be any further from the truth, for starters and most importantly, no always means no, so never feel pressured or obligated to to partake in anything you feel uncomfortable with - if anyone is continuing to pester after being told no, please make this known to one of our team members - we take your safety and comfort seriously and will deal with such problems promptly.

After we've sorted out your membership, you will be given a guided tour of the club, and all its facilities; along with the rules regarding who and what type of play is permitted in each area.

Do we have to "do anything"?
No! No always means no!

Advice for couples?
If you are new to swinging, discuss and agree what your boundaries are, you'll find you'll revisit these boundaries as you find your feet and feel more comfortable in your new swinging lifestyle - lots of talking and clear communication really is the key to maximising your enjoyment together.

Do you sell alcohol?
No, we aren't licensed to sell alcohol, all our events are B.Y.O. (bring your own). We do have a stocked soft-drinks bar and you can leave your drink with us and we'll keep it safe and chilled for you. We do however encourage our members to drink sensibly, anyone we consider to be drunk may be asked to leave the club.

Do you take credit/debit cards?
At present we don't have the facilities to process card payments.

Etiquette, any hints or tips?
Common sense should prevail, be friendly, and approachable, everyone was new to the scene once, so they'll understand if you feel a bit nervous - and we have been voted the no.1 friendliest swingers club in the uk so you'll find our members & team members to be very welcoming. Never touch without asking or being asked, no always means no ! Always practice safe sex, and please dispose of used condoms in one of many bins provided around the club, it's not pleasant for our team members to have to clean up other peoples discarded condoms!

How do we join?
All new members must pre-register using our online registration form, which can be found here. After receiving an approval from us, you then need to register to attend an event here.

Where is the Venue?
The exact location is given to members directly. The venue is located in the N22 postcode area.

I am a single female but I want to try this, can I come alone?
Absolutely, and many single ladies often enjoy a night out at our club.You will feel and be very safe, our rules, and members behavior is monitored and strictly enforced. All of our entrances and exits are cctv monitored, and we will even personally escort you to your car or taxi at the end of the event if required - please ask one of our team members.

As a single gent, am I welcomed?
We welcome everyone, so of course you would be, however to make the most of your visit a few tips to make your night more pleasant, never arrive with any expectancy or sense of entitlement to have any play time with anyone, make a real effort to chat and be sociable with people; and if talking to a couple, remember there are 2 people in a couple and not just a lady, simply taking the time to engage with people will greatly increase your chances of being asked to join in with any play.

We all, at times might have a small drink or two to steady our nerves, but remember not to over do it!

I am nervous and don't want to play in public?
Don't worry we have a private lockable playroom.

Will it be busy on the night I visit?
The ever impossible-to-answer-question, however we do find the most of our nights are always well attended.

What are the best nights to come along?
Thats really depends on the kind of play you enjoy, have a look through our various nights and find the one that suits your requirements best.

Is there a smoking area?
Yes it is located outside in a private, covered area .

Do you have lockers or a changing area?
Yes, plenty of lockers are available for a £5.00 deposit on the door. There is a changing area next to the lockers away from the main areas of the club.

Can I bring a camera?
No photos - no mobile phones - no filming

Why do you ask for ID?
For the safety and security of all of our members if you do not show, or refuse to show accepted ID, entry is always refused.

Do share our information or photo?
Absolutely not. Photos on our site are models, or of persons who have given permissions. We never exchange, or share personal information and it is kept isolated and secure.

Whats the best way to get to the club?
Train service from kings cross, journey time 9 minutes. Tube from the city around 15 minutes. Or simply drive to us, we are easy to find and we have unlimited street parking exceptionally close to the venue. The streets are safe, even late at night, and you will not have to worry about your car. Single females may park on site.

Are there cabs available towards the end?
Yes cabs are available all evening, just ask one of our team members to organise one.

Is the venue available for private hire?
Yes, you may book the venue privately @ Studio 816.
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