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A Regular Weekly Swinging Party Event for couples / Girls & a Handful of well behaved single guys

Are you Looking to visit a club without loads of single guys hovering about but donít want to go or cant go to a couples only night ?... Look no further Saturday nights at Ourplace4fun only allow up to 5 Single Gentlemen in to play And with a Restrictive Guest List to Male Members who have proven not to be pests and are very respectful so you can be sure to have a good night.

10pm til 5~6am

- Bring Your Own Alcohol (Soft Drinks are on Sale)

- See New Rules for Alcohol Allowances

- FREE Hot Bar Snacks

Reasonable *Membership and Door Contribution Costs

New *Members Must Pre Register Online

New Member Couples Life Membership Fee £20.00 p/cple Plus **Door Contribution

(Total Payable First Visit £55.00)

Includes ---------One Time Life *Membership (*Valid for All OP4F Events) and Door Entry on the Night

LATE NIGHT ENTRIES~ Couples Entry after 2.30am is £20.00 per couple

Unregistered couples may Attend with photo ID providing they have a DOOR CODE

To get a Door code


New Member Single Ladies Membership Fee one time £20.00 Thereafter Free All Events

*Member Couples £35.00 **Door Contribution

* Member Single Ladies Free

*GOLD Member Single Guys 70.00 Door Contribution

*SILVER/TOURIST Member Single Guys 100.00 Door Contribution

Member Single Guys its a Draw , you put your name in the hat

We Draw only 5 -Allow only Up to 5

Booking via Text only to 07986 303885 .

Its Sexy Ambient and Devilishly Decadent, New Members Welcome, and we have Dedicated Couples Only Play Zones.

Londons Sexiest Swingers Parties, Safe Secure and very Erotic

********DRESS CODE********

  • Sexy people in Sexy surroundings , please make an effort with your Dress and Grooming.
  • No - Absolutely NO admittance for Scruffy Dress / Clothes - Either / Any Person.

    Everyone TAKE NOTE

    Dress Code is Extra SMART Casual Clean Attire.

  • NO Baseball Caps , Hats, or Hoods, you may be asked to place your jacket in the cloak room if it is deemed unsuitable for in club wear
  • NO Scruffy or Ripped Style clothing inc Jeans,
  • NO Tracksuits, Sports Wear, or Dirty clothes
  • NO Shorts No Trainers Sandal's,Flip Flops etc.
  • Saturdays Guys you Must wear Collared Shirts with Preferably Trousers or if you select Jeans -- They Must be Clean and Stylish Shoes are Essential (No Trainers)
  • Fridays Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn they Must be Clean and Stylish
  • We prefer Collared Shirts however Extra Smart Tee's or Polo's (Designer or Super Stylish is ok)
  • Pictures on clothing or Large printed Text is not permitted
  • Fridays If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours)
  • Sundays, Tuesdays Its more Casual Smart Plain Tee's or Polo's are okay but No Pictures or Large printed Text permitted
  • Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn -- They Must be Clean and Stylish
  • If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours) NO Sports Branded Wear Ever
  • Females - Sexy eg. Licra, Lingerie, Stockings,Corsets,Body Suits, Micro Skirts, yes they are All very Nice, but Ladies is really up to you
  • Ladies No Jeans or Leggings Inside the Club Bar, Lounge or Play Areas you must change before you come upstairs to the Club Area
  • We do not accept Jeans or Leggings as a Suitable choice for Female's in Club Clothing.

    We Do Consider Fetish or "Sexy Catsuits" Acceptable

  • We have Lockers & Change Areas for your use
  • Sexy People in Sexy Attire = "A Sexy Environment"

    We reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to Persons Inappropriately Dressed